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Windows 7 Where is my ODD gone?

johnny quid

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Jul 29, 2010
Hi all,

I noticed that my DVD drive icon ( D ) is no longer present, in the explorer pane, when i click "my computer" The icon used to be sit between O/S hdd drive ( C ), and hdd drive ( E ) "see screenshot"

Normally any files I need to write to disc would be dragged and dropped, and be ready when I insert CD/DVD.

Would be most grateful, any idea's folk.

Regards --JQ--


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I must have been "Trippin ! " (not cool kids)

The machine in question was recently purchased, and ,funnily enough when there was DVD/CD in the Drive when I seen the icon...
After, speaking to friends about this, I was still "Doubting Thomas" about this new machine, so I took to booting up my other 2 x W7 machines, (which time is quickly forgetting) and realised this icon only appears in left column of explorer pane when there is "Removable Media in the drive" And is NOT there if not media inserted! D'oh once again.!


Highly Embarrassed J.Quid
If you want to see it all the time open explorer click tools > folder options > view > untick hide empty drives