Where is the hidden 8.1 download?


So I waited to pass judgement on Win 8 even though everyone was bitching & complaining about it.

With a few minute configurations including classic shell, I was okay with it until my brand new Asus laptop's keyboard started seizing up.

Anyway, I was waiting for 8.1 to come out just so I could maybe enjoy it even more, but now after reading another thread on here & learning that there's a lot of issues with drivers etc., I do NOT want to switch.

But I started the DL process in that stupid tiles area that I can NEVER figure out.

Every time I go back to the normal area (desktop), I have no way of finding the DL & its progress.

Can someone who understands 8 PLEASE explain to me where it's hidden & why in the hell does MS hide DLs in the first place.


Can't they read people's complaints? I know they think they are starting something great & new, but if it's THIS hard to figure out an OS, clearly they did NOT do a good job of:

a) slowly rolling out this tile thing
b) creating simple instructions so people understand what they are trying to accomplish
c) the user interface isn't intuitive at all

Anyway, enough of my ranting. I don't know if I should just stop the DL or what. I guess I should if I'm too nervous to install it now.



Open up the "store" tile....in the top right hand corner you should see something related to a download process......just click on that.


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If you'd like some help with navigating the tile interface (which is called Modern UI), we'd be more than willing to help. It's essentially a shinier, more functional version of the traditional start menu we had all came to know and love.

Ok, found it once I clicked on store. There's no status bar to state how much has been DLed, so who even knows if it's progressing.

So I should just cancel it? There's no cancel button either (this is what I mean about not liking this area of 8). There's a back arrow button, but that doesn't tell what that does. I can't read the thing's mind LOL

Yes I would like help Mitchell. Not sure I agree with your statement though as it looks NOTHING like the start menu we've know for how long now? Since the early 90's? LOL

I also don't understand what the apps are for. In my mind an app is for your cell phone. Are these free apps?

I see the mail one is clearly for live which I don't use & I'm sure the messaging is also live which again I don't use.

Thanks for the help :)



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are you using wireless internet or wired? The update/upgrade to download is over 3.5GB. Depending on the speed of your internet and how you are connected (wired or wireless), that may really take a while. This is not a regular windows update... this is an OS replacement..

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