Where's my drives (partition)

Awhile ago I had a booting issue. Finally got to a point where my PC would boot, but noticed I totally 'lost' 1 of 3 1TB SATA drives I have installed PLUS a partition on my C drive is gone. About 1 week or two ago there were several updates to install. After rebooting my drive and partition where visible. After the next boot they disappeared again. I am stumped! All 3 drives show up in 'setup'. Any insight? Suggestions?


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I wonder if this will help...........

If you go to Disk Management, will you see all the drives and partitions ?
If yes, does each of them have a "letter' assigned ? If no letter assigned, assign it.

Start > Run > type diskmgmt.msc > Enter......

That was my 1st stop after it originally happened - and that's why I believe it is a Windows issue. The drive/patition in question DO NOT show in disk manager. All 3 drives show in setup with their full size, but after boot finished then they are gone. Also, it doesn't appear (to me, anyway) that it is a disk failure either. As the partition I lose is on the same disk as my C drive (OS), while the drive I lose is the F drive.
I have the drives setup like this:
Drive 1 - 2 partitions: A(~150Gb) holds my software install backups and C(~850Gb) with my OS.
Drive 2 - 1 partition: E(~1Tb) holds various saved data
Drive 3 - 1 partition: F(~1Tb) holds various saved data​
Thanks, davidhk129 for the reply.

OK, I'll give it a look when I get to the desktop. Years ago I used PartitionMagic. Thanks again!

As I have found typical, after rebooting and before installing the partition program the drives have once again returned. I am currently running all drives thru the checking process. No problems found yet. :scratch:

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