White horizontal lines flickering around after going into standby/hibernate mode

I recently just got a new Dell Latitude e5410 laptop with i5 core processor, 8gb ram and Windows 7 on it. It went into standby (or hibernate? not sure if there is a difference between standby and hibernate) mode and I left it sitting there plugged in for a long time. Later when I came back I noticed the screen was black as would be expected when in standby mode, but there were also white horizontal lines flickering around on top of this black screen. I started pressing some keys to see if it would come out of it, and clicking mouse buttons but it didn't respond. Later I realized if I tap the power on/off button once lightly when it is in the standby mode that it will come out of standby. But at the time I didn't know to try this. I did end up pushing the on/off button but held it in and the laptop shut off. After this I turned it back on and it told me it had been improperly shutdown and asked how I wanted to proceed. I just told it to continue on normally. After booting up again I tried to find out by looking at the event viewer if I could see any clues as to what happened, but I didn't see anything that stood out. Later I let it go back into hibernate again just to see if it would happen again. But it didn't. This time it just went to a black screen as I would've expected. I tapped the on/off switch once and it came out of that mode. This pc is really new. I mean like, I just received it. Should I think about returning it? Or is there something else I might check for this? Maybe I should just wait and see if I ever experience it again. Thoughts or suggestions?



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Contact Dell tech support. Take what ever steps you can inorder to create and document some type of paper trail (even if it's virtual paper) with them regarding this event. Chances are that unless you can reproduce the problem or have had multiple occurences they will probably not be able to help except to suggest that you return it to factory defaults. But; you may not be the only one with that computer and that problem and they (Dell Support) may be familiar with the issue and have an available support path. Like I said create an event document so if need be you can site specific dates and incident report numbers so you can hold their feet to the fire and have your problem escalated along the support chain if it re-occurs. With a brand new computer you really want to communicate with the manufacturer since ultimately they will be the one addressing warranty issues.
Good luck and keep us posted.

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