Windows Vista Win 7 Install Nightmares Dell 2650


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I should have listened to myself and kept Win 7 running, But I listened to MS about the but they discovered where some folders had the wrong security Etc Etc. So I downloaded a new copy from MS burned the DVD and now just like before it is a puzzle to get running again. Here is what I have and I hope there are some people that can help / learn from my experience. First Win 7 is nice smooth and fast (I had it running already after 5 hours of installing it before I tried to install it again) Anyway Dell 2650 Power edge Server, 2 GB Ram SCSI 160 HD’s, Broadcom Extreme GB NICS and a Xeon Proc. OK here comes the informative stuff. On the first install it kept hanging at 3%, 5%, 9% and I gave up several times, however if you be patient and I do mean be patient it continues installing. The first time it took over 5 hours do a clean install, I tried the upgrade but it said it could not do an upgrade for me so I wiped the drives, then formatted them with Win 7, Seems it must have its own 100MB partition for some reason. Anyway after I got it running I had to manually get the drivers for just about everything until I got it online then it was pretty smooth. Now I am installing it again and I am getting all kinds of “can’t find drivers for HD’s, CD/DVD/NIC’s I’m surprised it finds the mouse driver. So moving on it still takes 20 mins+ before I get to the select your language screen and the HD’s and DVD lights do nothing which makes you think the system has froze. Once you continue it goes very slow, I have no idea what the software is doing for hours while expanding files but there is nothing to backup or save as the drives have been wiped prior and formatted. After that you can almost expect to see you need this driver and that one for simple devices like the ones mentioned above. I find this odd because the install has the drivers already in the drives folder it just does not look there for them???? Then on occasion you will get the can’t find the data files to install, this is even more odd cause it wrote the data to the disks already, this could be a timeout. And don’t bother trying to set the bios to install O/S on a Dell Poweredge cause it reduces the ram to 256MB and Win7 needs, wants and demands a min of 512MB’s. So this is where I am at if anyone knows a quicker way please do share. I know it will run on this machine as I have done it before MS updated the RC and it is worth the efforts to use it for 13 months free at least this time I’ll know what to tell my users in 2 years when it’s the only O/S that comes pre installed. Thanks for reading and good luck.

If you activated Windows 7, Windows update should have appeared with the patch and that';s all that was need to be done. There was no need at all to download it again. The patch was only 38 KB in size.

Did you activate it this time?
Activated and bug

Acording to MS if you installed software prior to the patch you could not un-install software completly because you would not be allowed access to certain dirs regardless of perms. "Their Advice" was bite the bullet and re-install then update ASAP prior to installing anything. So to make sure that I have a good install with out being patched after I installed software for testing I and doing a new install. Currently the install screen is on 2% for the past 20 mins or so, do you have any reasonable explaination why it goes so slow it should copy the files and be done in less then 30 mins, last time this part took several hours. Thanks fo rany advice.
I never looked anything up, as I said Windows Update offered the patch, I installed and everything was fine, even though I was not getting any permission problems.

Did you burn the ISO at it's lowest speed, either 1.x or 2.x?

This was my problem, then I unwrapped a brand new name brand DVD, burnt that at 1x and installation went through very quickly.

Many uninstaller leave left over registry entries and files on your system

I always use a freeware program called Revouninstaller to remove my installations. It runs the programs uninstaller, then searchs for those leftover entries and allows you to remove them as well.

This keeps your machine cleaner.

i you like you can download it here:
Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs, Solve uninstall problems

I did burn the DVD at 2x on a R+ DVD, I just got an error after 5% and after about 45 mins. Windows can not install files because they do not exist. Please check that you have then etc etc. I got this error only after using the New Image posted and downloaded from the MS Win 7 site. I even downloaed the image again and I get the same error. Maybe I should reburn an older image that I have and just use the new key from MS. I do not see what files could be missing since it booted from the DVD. The bug was if you installed software prior to the patch the files ffrom the installation would be put into a Reg folder that you could not change it came out May 8th here is the link to the whole story
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If you're talking about one of the "leaked" builds, there is no way to activate it, unless you use a patcher and those don't work correctly half the time.

When I tried the activation program, it just popped up with an error. Therefore you will not receive any Windows Updates

It's funny, not really, but if this was so important they should have included some type of notice telling the official RC users what the consequences might be. There was no message whatsoever.:)

From what I understand MS issued the patch and said it was needed, to get the story (as always) you have to go to a 3rd party not MS. I did see one thing in my install that may be a factor but not sure yet. The drives are Ultra 360 not 160 SCSI, Win 7 worked with the 160 driver, I am not trying the 360 one to see if it makes a difference and I am going to wipe the drive and let Win7 reformat it. I also removed all the other HD's so it can only install on one drive, Last time it installed the O/S on Drive 1 and not drive 0 odd but it was working. If anything it is a learning experience. By the Way nice ride. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. The early release I had did activate and did all the updates, I compaired the ISO's and they were ident.