Windows 7 Win 7 installed on Laptop, Great cept in Games -They freeze, run, freeze, etc

Machine (Laptop):
Dell I9300 1.6 Ghz Pentium M @2GHz, 2Gb DDR, GoForce 6800 256MB, 8X DVD, 250GB WD HD, Win 7 HP.

Until last week this lappy had the old original Fujistu 80Gb HD and Win XP Pro SP3. I play several older online games (Silkroad Online, Battlefield Europe, Steam games) and they all played great since I got in in 2005.

After 4yrs it had some major issue last week that I couldn't recover from, so I picked up a WD Blue 250GB HD and had Win 7 Home Premuim (bought 4 copies for all the PC's here) and installed both.

After much driver searching, everything works awesome on it except my games. They keep doing a Pause - Pause - Pause. I have been digging into everything, all sorts of video drivers, etc and nothing has helped. Wonder if its something with the Dell 1350 or Broadcom 440x controller, or 3D acceleration. I've looked for the latest drivers from all over but nothing has helped. Surfing, Videos, Office 2007 all work great. It never crashes. DX Diag shows no issues. Running the GPU at stock or OC settings makes no difference. Running them as Admin and in Compatibility mode is no help. Device manager shows no issues either.

Any ideas? I tend to think it either something in the network part of it ir 3D acceleration. Note, my much older and less powerful desktop is running Win 7 RC and has no issues with games. (I race in several rFactor Leagues) (it's a hacked nForce2 Abit NFS-7 MB, AMD-XPM 1700 CPU running at 2.3Ghz, Geforce 6600GT, 4 HD's, etc and it runs Win 7 quite well even though nVidia never even supported Vista!)

Also the network here is very solid, a Buffalo 54G and all the laptops connect great, and like I said - no issues gaming with Win XP before.

As soon as I launch a game, the freezes start. And only in games.

Thanks for reading!

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