Windows 10 activation not working, what activation key should I be using?


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I had previously installed the pre-released version of Windows 10 on an Acer Aspire One D255E that was previously running Windows 7 Starter, it was working fine. Then after July 29 I downloaded the release ISO file and burned it to a DVD. I installed the released version of Windows 10, and formatted the drive before installing so it would be a "clean" install. When trying to activate Windows 10, it will not take my Windows 7 Starter code key, so I tried using a "Windows 7 Home Premium" copy of windows I had from a laptop I am no longer using and it is not in use right now. It won't take that code key either. How do I get a proper activation key for Windows 10?


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You can't do a clean install. You have to upgrade from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. When you do the upgrade process, you will get the Windows 10 key. Once you get the key this way, you can do a clean install.


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Thank you for the reply, after I downloaded the ISO file and burned it to a DVD, I tried to upgrade another laptop by running the Setup file off the DVD while it was already running Windows 8.1 (I didn't boot off the DVD) and it wanted the activation key and I couldn't skip the step (I thought since it was already running Windows 8.1 it could see that it was a valid install). Then I tried to run the upgrade using the Windows update icon in the lower right of the task bar and the installation failed, 3 times, I didn't write it down, but it said something about the download folder couldn't initialize or something. Maybe I'll try booting the laptop off the DVD and see if it's any different.


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Do not use this thread to post activation keys or other illegal ways to bypass Windows activation or we will have to close the thread. Thank you!

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