Windows 10 boot loop trying to repair system

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by Moondoggy, Aug 25, 2015.

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    This afternoon my wife was doing something on the computer, got stuck, and rebooted. Once she rebooted a screen popped up into a repair diagnostic screen and said it was diagnosing the error to repair it. Only problem was that it didn't repair anything and the options that were available were all tried and nothing fixed this infinite loop issue. Luckily, I backed up my system with Acronis TrueImage so as we're speaking my PC is being restored. Has anyone else seen this behavior? If so, were you able to get it out of the loop? If so, how did you do this?
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    I had a similar problem while running the test version.

    No reason that I know of for it's not booting, it worked fine the previous time it started.
    Hadn't made any changes etc.

    None of the repair functions worked, just kept starting it over and over, no error messages.

    I'm guessing that resetting it would have worked but that meant setting everything up again.

    I had to restore from an image as well.


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