Windows 10 Edge and Roboform


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RoboForm will not work with Edge, MS's new Internet Browser simply because Edge does not allow extensions. RoboForm programmers state that until the Edge programmers allow extensions, there is nothing that they can do to make RoboForm compatible with the Edge Browser.

Come on, Microsoft! Quit forcing everyone to use Microsoft only software and make your software compatible with third party vendors! Not everyone is in love with MS products, and some of us prefer to use some third party software that is often more user friendly and/or will preform tasks that MS products cannot do or will not support.

For example, I prefer WordPerfect to MS Word. WordPerfect is much more user friendly, provides a reveal codes screen where you can correct errors you accidentally create in a document, and (my favorite) has a built in macro entitled "Make It Fit" where you can easily reduce the size of the document to fit the page layout. For example, you can take a document that is, say, 1 1/3 pages in length and reduce it to a 1 page document with the press of a key.

You are getting more and more like Apple each day! Give us back the ability to select the third party software we choose to use.

Ed Wood


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Edge is meant to be a completely modern browser, meaning they removed all of the legacy support such as NPAPI and activeX. They should have extension support available next year, but it should be new tech or possibly based on PepperAPI which provides better security. IE is still available and should be used in the mean time.


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I've used Google Chrome for years as an alternative to what ever Microsoft offered.
I've always found it easier to use, and reliable.

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