Windows 10 File Share Asking for Credentials

Here's the setup on my home network:

  • Win10 Machine A - Win 10 Pro, Automatically logs on Using a Local Account (In Netplwiz I Unchecked that users need to enter a User Name/PW and have an admin account automatically logging in).
  • Win10 Machine B - Win 10 Pro, Normal Logon process with a Microsoft Account
  • Both Machines are on the same LAN and have the same Workgroup. I do not want to use a Homegroup because I've got other devices (Roku's, Tivo's, etc) that cannot join the homegroup, but need to access the share.
  • On Machine A, I've right Clicked on a Folder -> Properties -> Sharing -> Share and Given 'Everyone' Read/Write permissions.
  • Also on Machine A, In Network & Sharing Center -> Advanced Sharing Settings I have File and Printer Sharing Enabled, and Password Protected Sharing Turned Off.

If I type in \\MACHINEA\ShareName on Machine B I get a 'Enter Network Credentials' box asking for a User Name/Password.

I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong here, anyone have any ideas?


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Go to the Credential Manager (Start > Control Panel > User Accounts) that is the place where you can specify and save the credentials of your network shares. That should work.

Looking at what is available in Credential Manager I assume you mean to configure the credentials on Machine B? If that's the case, that won't help for non windows devices (Roku, etc) trying to access those shares. Or do you mean on the Machine with the file shares? I looked in the Credential Manager on that box and didn't see anything that looked like it was a location to store credentials for machines connecting to the shares on that box...


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No, you have to enter and save the credentials (login information for the server) on every client.
You will find it as follows:
- Windows key + X, click on 'Control panel'
- In the 'Control Panel' click on 'User Accounts'
- In User 'Accounts' click just below 'User Account' on 'Credential manager'
*************** I am on a non-English Windows, probably you will see different names, sorry for that
- In the Credential manager you can add, under Windows credentials, the login information for the server

The server wants you to login for security reasons, also for non Windows clients.
If your server is a NAS, like Synology, you can specify the users and the shares they can access.
If your server is a Windows system, you can try the following
- on the server, give the data in the share an owner, if this user does not exists you will have to enter it
- than add this user and password in the credential manager of every client.

If you can't set it up in the server I know nothing else then disabling all the security in the server.

Hope this helps

Well, I've figured out what the issue is, but not how to fix it. Seems to be a problem with one machine being logged in with a Microsoft account, while the other uses a local account. On a lark, I set up a 2nd test Win10 box with a local account, and that can access the shares on the box with shares that is logged on by a local account.


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Nice job, keep us informed


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A microsoft account has homegroup level sercurity by default but you can turn that off or just allow all {local network, workgroup} clients to join the homegroup... sounds like you have it sorted now anyway.

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