Windows 10 Free upgrade?

So firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I recently purchased a Toshiba Radius L10W-B and it has windows 8 on it. It was purchased on 25.07.15, four days prior to the release date here in NZ.

Firstly, am I aliagble for a free upgrade? I am running the standard version of Windows 8.1, all updates installed and have been though literally every article on this.

I have no ICON in the taskbar for upgrading, and have been to the Microsoft website to try download but it just tells me to click the icon for upgrading, which does not exist.

Any ideas?



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It was purchased on 25.07.15
am I aliagble for a free upgrade?
If you got it from a shop and it is not part of a school or work purchase then yes it is allowed.

ime anti-virus is the most common block but this post is Microsoft's offical word.

Thanks for the reply. Yep its purchased from Noel Leemings New Zealand.

Have tried all suggestions in that article, and also the fix supplied.

No luck



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so what edtion are you running and has the system been activated yet?

Fully activated.

My Computer properties says Microsoft Windows 8.1

Windows is activated

Have not however yet done a validation check, not sure how. Have googled it.

Thanks for the help


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The valadation check happens with the gwx app but it should also be the first thing that runs from the install iso
I would;
1. this tool: Windows 10
2. Microsoft says 8.1 gets home and pro gets pro... this page has the details.
3. download the iso, make a usb boot and run the setup... any errors will pop up in the scan.

If should be clear but make a good backup first.


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I would recommend waiting for the dust to settle before upgrading to W10. The upgrade does have hiccups:
Fix for the 80240020 error when trying to install Windows 10

Make image backups before anything else! I recommend doing it with more than one tool: macrium free and maybe an early version of Acronis (avoid the latest version).

But, what's the hurry? You have a whole year for the free upgrade.

Don't upgrade to 10. The bugs are NOT worked out. It is not worth the angst and hassle at this point. I just switched from 8.1 to 10 and I am locked out of my computer.

I have installed windows 10 by downloading the ISO. Then ran the setup program and did a in windows upgrade. All went smoothly.

Had to change my region settings from NZ ENG to US ENG.

Am using 10 right now


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@deanfourie happy you have it sorted now mate

Fyi Eng UK also works but z instead of s and dropping u from words like colour isn't that big a stress.

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