Windows 10 Windows 10 freezing when left idle


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Whenever I leave my PC for around 5-10m, I always return to it being frozen. I'm able to move the cursor but no app or window is responsive and AltCtrlDel doesn't work. When in continuous use, it never faces any problems. I've gamed for hours together with no issues only for my computer to freeze when I take a break. The problem started out of nowhere, by freezing 5 times on Saturday, but there were no issues at all on Friday.

Around a day or two after this problem started, Windows was scanning and repairing my C: drive on launch. It'd get stuck at 6%, 9%, 26% before saying scanning and repairing and rebooting by itself. I've left it overnight twice so far but always wake up to the same message. I'm able to use my computer by skipping the scan.

I've tried using Command Prompt sfc /scannow but it finds nothing. What could be the cause of my problem? What's the solution? Should I reinstall Windows?
What power settings (like turning off the display settings) do you have on it?

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