Windows 10 Pro 64bit build 17763.437 hanging to a buzzing noise


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Nobody ever wants to think it could be PSU failure but, sadly, thats been the bane of a lot of systems for a long time. Consider going with EVGA (not an endorsement), but they usually do stand by their products and have a good warranty system and support team. Good on you to break out the test kit on that thing.. that would definitely explain the whole system going into a death spiral. Also may I recommend:


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Okay, Thursday I updated my machine to Win10 version 1903, and haven't had a freeze-hang since. I've been to three different music-club events in SL (which were pretty much guaran-dang-teed to bring a hang to BZZZZZZZZZZ!!) and got all the way through the entire event and beyond all three times. I think I can safely say the hang is history.

edit: And then, not too long after I posted the above, it hangs again. 0o This time, I'm simply looking at some text document in Google Drive, and I'm in a voice-chat conversation in one of the opensim worlds. (OpenSim is an open-source reverse-engineered workalike of SL.)
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