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Want a simple and easy way to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows? Looking for an easy way to do this? We’re working on a tool to make this possible.

Final testing and validation is underway and we will want your feedback once it is ready to go! Stay tuned for additional information as we work through the finishing touches.
Microsoft released the above statement around a month ago.

The 'Tool' is available to download now and will allow the user to download the iso for the latest version of Win 10. See reference for link.

Once you download and install the tool, the interface is really simple to use. It allows you to install a clean copy of the most recent version of Windows 10 and remove apps that were installed on your PC. You can keep personal files only or delete everything.

Be careful if you elect to try out the tool as it may only work on recent Windows 10 “Redstone” builds.

Windows 10 refresh tool pops up a little early, lets Insiders clean install Windows

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Hey Kemical, Your right it only works on the Windows 10 "Redstone builds. I just tried it and it works great. If your not in the Windows Insider Program it will give you a message that it is not compatible. Tried it both ways.


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Hehe it's quite unusual for Microsoft to come up with something useful for a change... :D

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