Windows 10 Windows 10 sign in: "You'll need the internet for this"


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This morning I went to log into my PCs (I have 2 machines with a KVM switch), and one of them won't let me sign in, saying "You'll need the internet for this"...

What I've tried:
  • I switched the USB wireless adapter from the working machine and restarted
  • I moved the wifi adapter to other USB ports, restarting each time
  • Tried using the start up repair tool (it said it couldn't fix the issue, but didn't say what the issue was)
  • Tried booting in Safe Mode: I got to (what would be) the login screen, but without a login option, only the "ease of access" and "power" icons... so no Safe Mode...?
Obviously there is no reason to need an internet connection to use Windows, but how can I get in?