Windows 10 update crashing at 15% (0xC1900101- 0x2000D)

After a 4th attempt I just gave up. contacted microsoft support over the phone today and was told I should call back later where technical help would be available. Mine doesnt stop for a while at 15% and continues later on it simply crashes at 15-16% the error i get is in the description.

I have tried disabling my anti virus, unplugging anything to the pc but my mouse and keyboard. Nothing really helps. I begin to suspect some files for some reason are corrupted or something. Preventing the transfer.

I thought the same thing about corrupt files so I defragged my C: drive. Like u I have an SSD as my boot drive. None the less I ran the defrag (had never run before) and it said 19%. My thinking is that if there was any files that where causing problems hopefully the defrag would sort it. I was gonna run error checking on the SSD next if this fails.

You should never defrag your SSD
Update: I called microsoft support line, they couldnt help me. The only thing the could recommend was a fresh installation of my existing OS (Win7 home prof) and then try downloading win10 again.

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