Windows 2012 how to connect simultaneously to the same server session

Hello Support,

I am performing a remote access to a Windows Server 2012 while a collegue is alredy signed in with his User.

When I estabilish the remote connection, it asks me Ctrl+Ask+Del to sign in, and when I select my collegue's User, if I sign with it, my collegue is immediately excluded, and signed out.

How could I sign in his own session, see his own screen and manage the same application?

Thank you very much!


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Really, we don't need any details…

1. What program | protocol are you using to remote in i.e. remote desktop, remote management… a 3rd party software like Adobe access, Adobe connect or even something in the no frills list like teamviewer.

2. The exact details varies from one program too another but the typical scenario is that you invite the client (workmate) to join you in a separate "room" to share the desktop… this is considered best practice because the other person has to agree to join in (by clicking a link of some sort).

3. The fact that you are doing this on a server not a pc will complicate matters because servers are anal about unsecured network traffic but server 12 is better than its extinct fellows because it doesn't need to cater for out-dated thinking i.e. firewalls & proxy internet restrictions.

4. Is this for a job of some sort or are you just trying to learn about networking?

5. Adobe has extensive how to videos for their products and you can youtube them or just go to their website

6. Teamviewer is another option… was all the rage about 5 years ago,

p.s. ime Your server is setup incorrectly… forcing a [ctrl][alt][del] to log in is fine in a generic server but should be removed on servers setup for remote or v-access.

If you are using Remote desktop services you can you use the remote desktop manager to make a connection (tsadmin) . This way the user will not lose their session nor will you kill any running apps.

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