Windows 7 Blue screen with ntoskrnl.exe

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    FYI only 800 and 1066 memory is supported by th i7-900 series cpu's and that includes the NEW 6 core hyperthreaded cpu...i found some patriot 1.5 voly 1066 memory that stableized my i7-920...only 1.5v works...NOT 1.5 to 1.6v rated not 1.65 not 1.7...ONLY 1.5v works...overclocking the memory only increases bsod....i7-800 series supports
    1066 and 1333 memory as well as the new i7-2600 series (whatever)but theres less support for PCIe

    i know i have built 4 new machines 4 diff cpus and4 diff mobo's and the stats of the cpu is availiable at intel website
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