Windows 7 build 7000 slow internet speeds

Got the solution

Hey guys,

I found your messages here because obviously I had the same problem, and I was starting to really think about a rollback to Vista or XP because my 100Mb fiber optic was totally like an old DSL and most of all, every browser was sooo slow (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc).

Of course it wasn't my connection, I tested that and my laptop was working very fine... and then, all of the sudden, the word "rollback" echoed in my mind.

What you have to do is remove the shinny drivers you downloaded and installed, thinking they would be better and give you more speed, and rollback to default windows 7 driver (I run with a nForce and default drivers are from 2008 in Windows 7).

My connection now runs like a charm ( and I don't see myself installing any nVidia network driver again...

So once again : rollback to the default windows 7 network driver in the control panel - devices manager.

Hope this helps !

Hey guys, im new here i just registered and would like to say hi to everyone.

Anyway, I just installed Windows 7 build 7000 and i have been having problems with my internet connection. .

Are you connecting through a router? Maybe driver problems... check Administrator logs under Event Viewer.

Reboot your router if you are using one.

Shut down you system.. then uplug it.... then press and hold your power button for a few seconds. Let the system sit for a couple minutes then restart. There is something "funny" thats going on between networks and routers.... but resetting the router fixes it if you boot up and don't have a connection.

This is a long shot but it won't hurt anythig to try it:

With Internet Explorer 8, the maximum number of concurrent connections from a
single host process connecting via broadband to a single server has been
increased to 6. In Internet Explorer 7 and earlier, the maximum number of
concurrent connections is 2.

I think 20 is the max but your bandwidth is ultimately the real limit. To
increase the limit to 10, save the following 5 lines to a text file then change
the extension from.txt to .reg and run/merge it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
;increase concurrent connections to 10

Note: You will have to show file extensions to change the .txt to .reg
Click "Start" and type in "Folder" hit enter then go to "View" and uncheck
"Hide extensions for known file types"

More info in my blogs: Windows 7 Forums - tblount

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