Windows 7 enhancements


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Sep 27, 2009
WordPad can now read and write both the Word 2007-compatible Office Open XML file format but also the OpenDocument specification that IBM and Sun have been advocating.

Right click on an .ISO image (from Windows Explorer) and select "open with" and you'll see the "Windows disk image burning tool" option to burn the image to a blank disc - - without installing additional software.

If you have an application open on your desktop and you want to open a second instance of the same application, you can simply hold down the Shift key while clicking on the Taskbar icon, and it will open a new instance of the application rather than switching to the existing open application.

Right click on any program or shortcut to a program and you have an option to pin it to the Taskbar or the Start Menu.

Resistance is Futile

Windows has a very long list of rivals it has conquered, starting with the
first and most popular multi-tasking program called Desqview. Then Windows went on to make "road-kill" out of Netscape, Eudora, Word Perfect, Lotus 123, Winamp (and at least a half other programs that Media Player ran over.)

The last couple releases have included features like Windows Defender that is
on the way to knocking out Ad-aware and other malware/spyware programs, the ISO burning option and option to burn music in Media Player knocks out Roxio, Nero and other media burning programs, and the System Image feature knocks out all but two backup programs (that clone a bootable backup.) You can also drag and drop files from your hard drive to an ftp site... so you don't need Ftp programs. Compression programs for .zip are no longer required. Bitlocker encrypts your data, putting third party encryption programs out of business.

There are only a few programs that Windows have not conquered. Norton. Panda and other AV programs have escaped - so far. Arj file compression is still alive. And Windows still can't read .pdf files. (BEWARE of Adobe pdf reader, it forces McAfee on your system without your permission.) And of course Google is not rolling over. So what will Microsoft to about Twitter? It's valued at one BILLION dollars.