Windows 7 Fails to install, "Windows cannot install required files"


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My issue was with...

My memory. I was running 1.5 gig on dual channel; I removed the two cheap 256 Mb sticks and all went smooth.

I put them back in after the install and I have no known issues.
My guess is most of the problems is with cheap or so-so memory.


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Windows cant find DLL's

Are you using a re-writeable DVD? Windows wont install if it is. Wont find the DLL's. Also a good burning programme is Deep Burner which is free. Hope this helps.


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Problem Resolved! FIXED!

Installation Working NOW!

after running a bunch of diagnostic tools on my Hard Drive and everything else.
I ran Memtest86 on my RAM via burning the free iso in their site here, I tested one stick at a time.

I have found that one of my RAM sticks is bad,
I guess it went bad some how.

bad Ram is the cause for me.
I have 2 1gb Crucial Ballistix, at 4-4-4-12 - 2.2v

I left the good stick of ram in the my computer,
the installation worked perfectly and im actually posting from my computer with Window 7 installed. =p

so that fixed the problem for me. :)

Hope this helps you guys, Good luck

Check your ram, maybe thats the problem with some of you.

Let us know.

yeah, exactly the problem is in your RAM :)

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