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    Curiously PCWorld published this top 10 of 2010's Anti virus & malware suites, and Norton despite a poor record over the last few years managed top contrary to nearly every review, and Microsofts offering is not in the top 10 at all. Seems they omitted testing of quite a few decent programs to compile the results to... not very professional.
    Top 10 Internet Security Suites of 2010 - PCWorld

    Here is an Alternaive list of just the Antivirus software as comparison, no idea if they are any more reliable but more apps are in the test and looks legit based on the programs I've tested myself this year...though Norton still listed in the top end...hmmm

    Latest Reviews - PC Advisor
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    It's gotta be M.S.E. for me... IMO the best free one around.

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