Windows 7 Installation Problems Solved!


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These are all great solutions. Sometimes, its just a simple matter of running Microsoft's Fix It tool to get Link Removed - Invalid URL up and running...


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Did you know that it's impossible not to backing-up and lose your old files during Windows 7 installation?
That's right! Microsoft contradicting it-self in the first steps of installation preparation step by step information.
At first they say that we should back-up our old files as they WILL BE deleted.
Then they practically force an option of where our old Windows files will be backed up into Windows.old folder.
So the folders such as "Users, Program Files, Windows ...etc" will be stored in Windows.old folder.
And any other files created by you that are stored in "C:\" directory will remain untouched!

So don't worry about upgrading or backing up anything, since Windows 7 does it all for you!
My advice, just go with a clean install and you'll be safer that way. Now back to business...

:up:thanks for this useful discovery and sharing the info with us!

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I am having a problem that google chorme browser consumes too much resources and makes my computer speed slow down a lot, can someone help me solve this problem?
You do realize where you're posting, right? Your GOOGLE product issue under MICROSOFT product issue? And that is if we don't compare Windows and a Browser. And on top of that if we don't compare Installation and Performance issues. Seriously??? No, nobody even wants to help you here in this case. Doesn't matter whether we can or not.