Windows 7: programs stop responding-then respond repeatly

Windows 7: programs stop responding-then respond repeatly
I have windows 7 professional. Dell Latitude 5500, hard drive is only 40% full. All programs - including Microsoft Office 2007, Firefox, Windows explorer - stop responding, some times for seconds- other times minutes. This is starting to drive me up a wall. Especially if I am in the middle of burning a CD or DVD. There is no consistency with this. I could go days with no issues, then my computer freezes, starts troubleshooting itself, then fix's the same programs over and over again. any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have search the internet. it appears there are post all over the net with this issue occurring..POST but no concrete fixes that i can find.
and this issue has been going on for some time.Post dating back to July 2009.

Reminds me of the crashes with Windows 95.


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Please avoid double posting ;)
Also, you failed to upload your screenshot, click "Edit this post" below your post, and then go to "Manage Attachments", from here upload the pictture again

Did you perform a clean installation of Windows 7, or did you upgrade from Vista?

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windows 7 freezes

I can not find where to edit post. And what screen shot are you talking about?
sorry about the double posting, I wasn't sure where to post. I upgraded from Windows XP.


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OK, nvm I guess that gif wasn't supposed to be a screen ;)
Open the event logs and look around for anything suspicious.

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