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Windows 7 Windows 7 search - find text within a hyperlink


New Member
Mar 8, 2013
We are planning on moving a large directory to a new server and I need to identify files (docx, xlsx and pptx) that contain hyperlinks to the old file location so that I can change them. I've found programs that can do this when the document is open eg AbleBits, but nothing that can search a whole directory or server at once.

Windows 7 search is great at finding text within a file but does not seem to look "inside" hyperlinks. For example the following search finds word documents with a link to the server but only if the hyperlink text in the document is the same as the link:
( type:=.doc OR type:=.docx ) AND content:"\\location of sever"

I been looking for ages to find an answer, I've found a similar question on a couple of other forums but unfortunately with no reply. It would be great if there is someone who knows it this search is possible or not - if nothing else at least I can stop looking!

Many thanks in advance for any help!
Try a none indexed search tool, like Agent Ransack, to search through the documents. It should be able to find text in a hyperlink.
Great, thanks for the tip! I'm trying Agent Ransack now. So far I've had mixed results but it is a bit of a trial and error process. I can see that Agent Ransack can search within hyperlinks so all I need to do now is fine tune my search.

Many thanks again for your help!
Just a quick update. I downloaded the Pro version (File Locator Pro) and got it working perfectly first time - I can even export a file list which I can work through and check off.

Thanks so much for the tip !