Windows 7 Ultimate very slow at the boot ...

Eset Smart Security (NOD32).

I can try it tomorrow.. but i don't think it's the firewall.. it's the same since a lot of years and my prob is here since about 1 month..

Gotta go to bed, keep you in touch.


I found my problem after a long time... it's a f****** memory card reader :/ Why? i don't know.
But, when it's plugs, my win7 is very slow and not when it's not plugged.

So prob is resolved.


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thanks for reporting back. Glad you have found the problem, if not the solution. is there any possibilty you can update to newer drivers?

it's a very cheap memory card reader so i don't think for the drivers. Anyway, i can use it but not plugged all the time ^^

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