Windows 7 will not start up [CHALLENGING ONE]

About a month ago I bought a brand new HP Pavilion DV7. Everything was working great until this week. It started slowing down, freezing for a couple of seconds, being slow when starting and as I was browsing the web today, Windows suddenly shut down to a point where a black screen was showing only. Normally I'd hold down the power button to shut it down but this time it only took one quick press and the PC immediately shut down. I powered it up, it loaded up but VERY slowly. I was at the Windows startup screen for about 1 minute. After I logged in I took forever to load my desktop and at one point it just froze. I force shut down by holding the power button and started it up again in Safe Mode. It only went as far as the screen where it shows how it loads a bunch of files and it stopped at my antivirus (AVG) file. Nothing more. So I force shut it down again. Started it up like normal and this time it didn't even go past the windows start up screen. It stayed there loading for like 1 minute and then for a fraction of a second a blue screen comes up and the computer restarts. So I shut it down again and started it up (yeah, I was stupid for doing it multiple times but hey, too late now). This time it doesn't even boot up. The screen stays black, like the first time that the issue happened, and one press of the power button and it switches off. Not holding it, just one press. I gave it to the local pc repair shop and the guy said that probably the processor is burned up. Now, I'm thinking he's just trying to get my money because the lap top is 1 month old, and ever since I bought it has been on a cooling pad. It never heated up to the point where it's hot so I highly doubt it's that. I'm thinking a virus caused all that because I had a few alerts the past couple of days about some viruses but the antivirus was unable to clean them up.

I'm only worried that this cannot be fixed because even if I use the HP Recovery CD, it wouldn't start for the simple reason that the computer doesn't boot all the way to there.

Now before you ask, no the system does not make any beep sounds or anything.
I will bring to the shop where I bought it from but I am studying in the UK and I bought it from my home country where I'll be going in just about a month and I need a lap top until then. That's why I don't want those guys to crack my baby open; it will void my warrany


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