windows 7 x64 ultimate. 16Gb ram 7.98 usable


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Hi, I've searched but i can't find no solution..

bios detects 16gb (single-channel says)
msconfig/boot/advanced no memory limit
resource monitor: installed 16.384 total 8.171 available 6.252

windows 7 x64 ultimate
motherboard asrock 970 extreme4

please, does anyone know about this issue?


Hi, I apologize for not answering the question, but your computer has 16GB? Holy crap, that's...That's....Gaming good.


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Hi, I finally solved the issue.

(Superfluous sarcasm removed)
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There were some other strange events while operating windows in that 16Gb single channel state: when a video was played it goes at 25% speed (even the audio if i rememered well)

It seems the problem was my power supply wasn't enough.