Windows 7 x64 Ultimate using only one core of T5600 core 2 duo

And thanx for everything so far, you've been amazing!

-so yeah, did that and no change.
Admittedly though the services.msc trick did improve system performance, but its still ridiculously slow.

I'm thinking of trying all this with an x86 version of Windows 7, but somehow I don't think it'll do the trick since the installation process itself is really slow.

ANy other ideas guys?

Should I consider giving up?

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Well I downloaded an x86 version and tried running the installation and it was still immensely slow.
I just don't understand how a BIOS upgrade can do something like this? Ok, it got two cores going, but the system is wasted because of all the ferocious lag!!

I dunno! the only thing I can think of doing is going back to XP, if that doesn't work, I'll throw this piece of junk away and get something else...when I get enough money of course. :)

Is that it, or should I do anything else?

Has anyone got any more ideas?


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Jacko have you tried running on just one stick of RAM? I'd give it a go especially if the RAM is by different manufacturers..

Did that, put the 2GB in the primary slot like, I think it was you, said earlier in the thread.
RAM works great, but the CPU is still firing on all cylinders!

So, real change!

In rare instances, certain malware can carry over to a new install of Windows even when a format had been done. To defeat this if this is what has happened, use Killdisk to low level format the entire drive first. Then install Windows after doing that. Be sure to backup anything you want to keep to another medium too. Of course, be careful with whatever you save since it could be compromised.


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I'm also thinking that if the above doesn't work then the answer probably lies in the bios somewhere. Some setting or other must be really off for it to be acting this way.. Have you tried running the bios at default settings? (apologies if i'm repeating myself)


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I've been looking through the HP forums but not found anything yet. You could always try posting in there yourself? :

Operating systems and software - HP Support Forum

I also did a little searching through the database and windows 7 does not come up for your machine. XP does, Vista does but not Windows 7. Being that's the case could you please just indulge me and run the compatibility ?

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows

Of course...
Well, I'm currently Zeroing my drive, says there's another 5 hours to go, so I'll get back to you on that tomorrow since that'll be at midnight.
I'll run the compatibility as soon as get Windows up and running again..


Incidently...I ran the compatibility test on my wife' currently my :) Asus Aspire One with the 1,6Mhz Atom and 1GB RAM and it passes the test, so I don't know why a Core 2 duo processor and 3GB RAM (the same frequency RAMs on both machines) wouldn't pass it... I'll run it tomorrow anyway.

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I'm still sure it has something to do with BIOS because it was after the update that things went beserk, before it was just all funny, after the update it was completely shot.
So it seems to be the point that turned things the way they are. I haven't got a clue where to take it from there though. The disk might have something to do with it (hence the zeroing), but if it does, why does booting from a CD work soooooo slowly.

I'm hoping KillDisk will do the job.


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Not sure Jacko.. It's certainly a weird one but I tend to agree that it's a setting in the bios somewhere (perhaps). I only mention the compatibility test as it might give possible clues as to what's going on?

I'll keep my fingers crossed re killdisk.

Thanks kemical!

Unfortunately though the Killdisk didn't cut it.
The disk isn't the problem then, so its a BIOS thing, but I haven't got a clue what it could be in bios!?! (I restored default settings...twice, just to make sure)

One intersting thing happened though when I put in the win7 DVD. I had to reboot a couple times, because after booting from the DVD a screen came up saying:

Non-system disk or disk error
replace and strike any key when ready

This is the same DVD I installed win7 with for at least a dozen times this week, never with this screen. I also tried putting in the XP DVD, same thing. I end up switching everything off, turning it on again, after three or four times, it starts setting up windows.

I beginning to think my machine is fried!
This is becoming illogical.

Is Plug and Play OS, if the setting exists, set to yes or enabled in the bios?


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Hmm... you know when you changed drives over can you check that all the cables and fittings are ok? I say this because past experience has shown that these sort of 'weird' problems sometimes stem from a drive that's just about to die. If i remember correctly though you did say you had replaced it so maybe a cable is loose or something like that? I gotta dash as Deep Space Nine is on and it's the episode where they retake the station back from the Dominion and Cardassians... Awesome! (I'll be back later though)


JaCKo, how many cores do you see in your bios setup? If it shows 2 cores then you should be Ok after a clean install.

I gotta dash as Deep Space Nine is on and it's the episode where they retake the station back from the Dominion and Cardassians... Awesome!
Thought I smelled Trekkie :D Good to see there are still some of us out there, things seemed to have died down in the past couple of years...

Back on topic.
Funny you should say that similar problems occur when hardware is about to die...I got rid of the old HDD because what happened was that one day I got back to my computer and all of a sudden all the "work" files in my HDD were erased, completely!! I thought perhaps someone tried to take and erase something, getting into the system through my office wi-fi network (I have some sensitive material in there,, thank God I had a backup of it all. And thats the thing, there was 40GB of my work gone in the morning when I got there!! I obviously got rid of the router, changed all the settings/passwords at home as well, threw away the old disk, and got a 250GB Toshiba from a trusted friend. The "new" HDD is almost unused and showed up a respectable 5,3 rating in WEI (considering its 5400rpm), which was the best rating out of any component I have on this machine.

As far as installation goes, not much I can do wrong. Check out the photos:

View attachment Photo0142.jpg
View attachment Photo0141.jpg

I just push it it, after its set in the cartridge. Can't be it.

Hi cybercore!

Since there seem to be many different types of bios, I'm uploading photos of screenshots to the (limited) options I have on offer.
Dual core is enabled.

Here's the rest:

View attachment Photo0144.jpg
View attachment Photo0143.jpg
View attachment Photo0146.jpg
View attachment Photo0148.jpg
View attachment Photo0147.jpg

Funny thing is that even bios seem to want to lag a bit, so it can only be a hardware thing, right?

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