Windows 8.1 Pro BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe


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Hmm...If I remember correctly with AHCI drives can be 'hot swappable' and run faster. The SATA3 or SATA6gb/s mode isn't achievable under IDE. This guide I found helps a little and explains it much better than I:

Your SSD will or should run faster now. I'd also check your motherboard manual (you can download a copy from the support page) as to which SATA ports are which speeds. Your SSD ideally should be in the fastest slot. If you post the make and model I'll look for you.


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Know the model like the back of my hand. ASUS P6X58D-PREMIUM. I had it in the SATA 6gb/s slot but I took it out and put it in a SATA 3GB/s because I was told the Marvell Drivers are...not the best back then and shouldn't handle running an HDD with an OS on it but you can be the judge of that I guess. XD


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I know the SATA ports are white, as I have my Game Drive in there. I had my SSD in the second port too but I took it off to see if it would run any better, but I'll give it another look around too

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