Windows 8.1 update solution.

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Installation' started by kemical, Jul 2, 2014.

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    FWIW. I still ponder on what the problems are. Obviously serious, otherwise MS would not have chipped in with a solution. I have installed the update on several computers of different manufacturers now, without any hiccups. Reading though several complaints, on different forums, there does not seem to be any pattern??
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    I suppose a couple of things in the article might be addressed.

    Maybe not so hard to understand if Microsoft were considering moving to a Pay as you Go type system for the OS, like Office 365... Windows 8 may be a trial balloon for Windows 9.

    Hopefully, this effort will help folks who want to upgrade be able to do so. Maybe Microsoft has learned some of the problems currently are related to the Store itself.

    The problem Microsoft may feel needs to be fixed is folks not updating to 8.1. Putting the update into an automatic update system will "push" the update onto some of those systems. The deadline of updating to 8.1.1 might be an indication Microsoft wants everyone working on the same system. Maybe the recent article about Mobile and PC variations of the OS might be an indication of why.

    The largest problem I have seen with Windows 8.1 is the fact it is a different OS version. When a system goes into the Repair scenario, not having the 8.1 media to help repair it leaves many users with an 8.0 install, or a non-functional system. Changing how the 8.1 update is delivered will not change that, unless the 8.1 media is made available in the update also. Allowing the 8.0 license key to also work for 8.1 would be a great help.

    If I ever get my new system back from Warranty Repairs, I will be able to experience the "new" 8.1 update procedure.. :ohno:
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    Found things to be a little buggy. Lost a volume, replaced and reinstalled win8 then tried upgrade to 8.1 (Had this before on this machine) now, it's telling me first to update which I did, still won't install, telling me now the machine is not adequate even though it meets the requirements almost twice over. Really! Wonder why it ran it before? Anyway, moved on to install Zune software for my phone and that wouldn't go because I needed framework 3.5 I believe it was. Got the framework, not through the store and after installing zune tried win 8.1 again and it went. So, something to do with framework maybe? Now I'm fighting a favorite game I had, asphalt 8, guess what, I can't get it even though it says I own it. I was doing really well up to this point with 8, now, seems like it's falling apart.
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    I got solution for windows8 installation problem, useful threads

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