Windows 8.1 users must apply Windows 8.1 Update before May 13 to keep getting patches


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excerpt :
Microsoft yesterday confirmed that Windows 8.1 users must upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update, the refresh that begins rolling out to customers today.
"Failure to install this Update will prevent Windows Update from patching your system with any future updates starting with updates released in May 2014," said Michael Hildebrand of Microsoft in a Monday blog.
Really ? 5 weeks ?
Yea, do it or you little cockroaches will be crushed. ( I should stop watching Dragons Den ).

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MS use all sorts of blackmail to get people to do what they want to generate profit. Computing and technology should make our lives easier. But MS seems to complicate everything... under time pressure. I now see how MS will sink and Linux takes over.

I had a hard time installing the update. Had to try twice. Way to go MS....


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I can't complain. The update for me installed the first time without any problems.


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Personally I consider 5 weeks to be very generous… your computer doesn't stop working or anything drastic, you just can't get more updates until this one is installed.

p.s. The article davidhk129 posted is very good with only getting one fact wrong that I noticed… they say the default boot is now to the desktop but that’s only on a new system install. If you install the update over windows 8.1 that has been configured to boot to the metro screen then it stays with the same settings.

To be clear, these are just defaults and you can always change between desktop and metro boot regardless.


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I must agree with the preceding post.
I had early access to the full ISO and the full update, from MSDN. I have now helped quite a significant number of users to update and, in three cases, do a complete reinstall. So far, I have not encountered even the smallest hitch. Maybe I just get lucky but, as with the complaints regarding the use and installation of Windows 8/8.1, I find it very hard, in many instances, to even attempt to simulate the reported faults.
To be fair, and shooting in the dark, this was a massive update, including some minor alterations to the kernel. As with all such updates back to Windows XP, it is assumed that you cannot apply all future updates to an OS which, itself, is not full updated.
What MS could do, however, is supply updates according to what it sees as the particular platform you are using? I did think this was normal practice, and am wondering if someone in the process or writing those blogs, has got some crossed wires.

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..............wondering if someone in the process or writing those blogs, has got some crossed wires.............

Based on the excerpt below, the info came from the mouth of Microsoft Sr. Product Marketing Manager........
“Windows 8.1 Update is a cumulative update to Windows 8.1,” said Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager Ben Hunter in an apparently innocuous blog post aimed at IT professionals. Then came the clanger: “It also becomes the new servicing baseline for Windows 8.1, so next month’s security updates (on May 13th, the next ‘Patch Tuesday’) will be dependent on Windows 8.1 Update.”
In English: If you have not installed Update 1 by 13 May then Windows 8.1 will no longer receive security updates until you do. This is your 4 week countdown warning.

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