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Some of you may remember that I couldn't turn on the Windows firewall.

Because of that I can't access any Windows 8 apps because they won't install with the firewall turned off.

Well I posted about this at the Microsoft official support site too.

After several months I never received an answer but I have found that many other people have the same issue.

At least I'm not alone! LOL

I would seem that they could at least make the apps not rely on Windows Firewall to install.
They are actually blocking people from using Windows 8 with this problem.

Maybe when Windows Blue comes out these things will get resolved.

In the meantime Classic Shell and normal non Windows programs are doing fine.


What about a complete back up and just start from a clean install.


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That would probably work, it's just not worth it at this point.
I have over 90 software programs installed and I can live without the firewall.

I'm hoping that when Windows Blue comes along that it will solve the problem when I install it.
At that point I may have to reinstall everything depending on how the upgrade process works.

I'm hoping that I can dual boot Blue and Windows 8 and then just transition from one to the other as I did with Windows 7 and 8 on my old computer.

I suspect that what caused it to stop working was when I installed Net Framework 1.1 which I need for software that I'm running.
I'm afraid that I'd go through the whole thing and have it do the same thing again.

When the time comes I'll have to make the decision as to whether I'll do that again or not.

So for now I'll just have to live with it.

It kind of gives "Go Blue" a new meaning. LOL


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