Windows 8 Fresh Install BSOD problem

The thing is that I have purchased the laptop from within us, traveling at the moment and I am afraid to get it into services because of the lack of knowledge from their tech teams.

I made the post on dell but only got an reply from a random guy browsing around, they are useless at support.

My question is why sell a beta system that was not tested and releasing massive updates as people complain, I don't want to think that I am some kind of lab rat with an overpriced system. But this is totally off-topic and this is not the place for such discussions.

I will try to totally remove the intel driver and see what happens, I only got 2 BSOD so far, did not install anything else so far, using the system driver-less.

I will let memtest to run again overnight and see what happens in the morning.


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Ok Robert understood and I feel your pain. Let me know how it goes once the driver is removed.

Still getting them even if no video adapter is installed.
this time.


Got another couple of BSOD`s but the last one froze the system for about 30 - 40 seconds before giving the blue sad face and rebooting, was named "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION" I have attached the dmp file.



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Apologies as I've been away for most of the day.

Robert I'm at a loss and feel you'll be better served by trying the experts here:

I've gone as far as my experience will allow and to be honest I'm stumped as to what the actual issue is. If the machine was physically in front of me I could perhaps help further but unfortunately that isn't possible. When checking one the dmp files I discovered that the issue contained was of a certain type (type 3 which basically means it's gonna be a bugger to find) and it's beyond my abilities. Please try the above forum and if possible let me know what they say?

I will try and keep you informed, I am atm trying to reach dell chat support, I have been re-directed 11 times, I have screen shoots for some of the redirects, they just push me around, redirecting me to another department ( they say ) but when I reach the department and ask a question they just say "sorry, not the right place", and re-directs me again.

I don't know if it has anything to do but there have been over 12 hours with no BSOD, even when doing things that made it go on 100% like browsing youtube.

The odd thing that I did, was: gave the system a little shake ( don't know what came up inside my brain ).

Did not have a problem since, I hope from the bottom of my soul that this thing fixed it, I will keep you informed as I will start installing drivers on it.


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Well I guess if you were incredibly lucky but then again you just never know sometimes.. Thank you for updating.. :)

When I woke up, the system was not rebooted as usual but instead I found it with the popup asking for reboot, rebooted and some updates installed ( I have windows updates disabled this time ). I have no idea what could have been updated, I assume it's cause of the AlienAutopsy software, just a guess.

Installed sound drivers, will post as soon as I get an error or will let you know if everything worked fine.

Maybe it's a fix, everyone having alienware systems and geting BSOD to give them a little shake ( LOL ).

UPDATE: Just received a random reboot, while using the system, no error, no BSOD, system simply rebooted by itself, WTH....

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Seems like somehow the "shaking" process actually did something.

I did not receive any error so far since the random reboot. Installed today both graphics cards to see what happens.

I'm not that good at hardware or BSOD debugging but my theory is that somehow the "free fall" sensor was stuck or acting on it's own causing the ram/cpu/hdd stop at random times and shaking it actually made the sensor lose again and started acting normally.

That's the only logical theory I came up so far, I don't think a lose connector could cause it because shaking the laptop could not press the connector back in it's place.

I will post if no errors when I will have all the drivers up and running, I will install one per day.

Maybe this thread will help other Alienware 17 owners since dell support is useless, it would be helpfull for google indexing if you could change the thread title to "Alienware 17 Windows 8 Fresh Install BSOD problem"

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