Windows 8 tries to update to 8.1 by itself

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I have a rather old computer which I bought shortly after Vista was introduced. I upgraded to Windows 8 a couple of years ago then took advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 8.1. Unfortunately I later encountered problems and needed to repair the computer. I had a repair disk for Windows 8 but, as I had downloaded 8.1 from the internet, I had no repair disk for Windows 8.1. As a consequence I re-installed Windows 8 which I found perfectly serviceable. Over the last couple of days Windows has spontaneously attempted to install Windows 8.1 again. After a long time I am told that the installation was unsuccessful and my previous system is being reinstalled. This is a nuisance. I can live with the constant suggestions that I should upgrade because I can simply say no. Can I stop Windows trying to install Windows 8.1 automatically?


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You could just opt to reinstall with 8.1, otherwise you may be able to ID the update and block it in Windows Update. You can use the Windows Media tool to create a bootable Windows 8.1 installer. Just click the create media button and follow the prompts. The Windows 8 key should work for 8.1. Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help


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The free Windows 8.1 upgrade is not an update and does not come from the normal update tool.

It comes (and is turned off) from the Microsoft store app.
1. open your store from the metro screen then press [windows key] + [c] to show the charm bar.
Screenshot (109).png
2. Pick "settings"... you will not get the store settings unless you already had the store open in the background.
Screenshot (110).png

3. you can turn off the nag ware from the "premissions" setting but the "app updates" is where you tell it not to download on it's own... the default setting is to autodownload.
Screenshot (111a).png

Turning it off will stop in downloading again by itself BUT if you set it to off on a machine then you can still tell it to download anytime later if you change your mind about having 8.1

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