Windows 7 Windows begun to claim not to genuine


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Apr 23, 2012

This just started to happen yesterday, after 2 and half years of use:
There is a pop-up that claims that "this computer is not running genuine Windows"

But, if I go to Computer/properties there is:

Windows activation
Windows is activated
Product ID: xxxxx-OEM-xxxxxxx-xxxxx

If I click "resolve online"...the offered solution is to buy win7.

Running win7 64-bit in a lappy. And it has been crashing lately quite often...and there might be some issues on the disk. When booting there is a suggestion to run chkdsk, but it seems not to go anywhere ie. is slooooooooooooow. Once let it run for few hours and it only got to something like 7%...and it got to that before it started getting slow.

Is there any other way to try to solve this, or should I just wait for few weeks while chkdsk runs?

Is my windows going to stop working because of this?
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Hello ughi,

I can sympathise with you on this one, I've been in the same position and it's just maddening.
If you're getting error messages about the serial number it might be a corrupted registry entry, as can happen.
The more serious thing though is that checkdisk is running for several hours and not getting too far.

The first thing I have to ask you is:
Is there anything on the system you can't replace?

I have to ask that because if you do, then I'd let the repair run as long as it wants, then try booting it up and running SFC/SCANNOW. This will ask for your install CD and check that the critical system files are not damaged.
Myself I'd write it off as a bad job and reinstall windows, taking select format file system and not the quick version either.
Let it completely wipe what's there off and install a full fresh copy over the top. That is however because I generally don't keep material on my machine I can't replace so losing very little data in wiping the system.

As or the license key, you can either get one of the trial license keys off the web to get rid of it complaining about the key, and then use your official key again to get rid of the trial.
Lappy has suggested chkdsk many time, and it usually has passed quite fast. Untill few weeks some point it starts to stop on every block. And that takes seems.

I have copied those files that I wanna save to DVD's, so emptying whole disk would be possible...but I dont have install disk.
Win7 was pre-installed on this lappy when I bought it new from the shop. I have the sticker on the bottom with key, but the system hasnt asked for just says windows is not genuine...and wants me to buy new one.
And since windows is activated, doesnt that mean that key is valid?

I guess I should let scandisk do its work. Just too thrilled about it, since lappy has been crashing. And after every crash there is new check...usually quicker. But pretty sure that soon will be facing the same issue again...
There are some limited versions of Windows, there is a risk you have bought one?

What I would do, I would contact Microsoft by phone, with all papers and product numbers and activation codes available, and ask them. It's a sure way to find out about it.
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