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Windows 7 Windows explorer stopped working


New Member
May 6, 2009
This is day two of an upgrade install. Windows Mail is hanging when I try to shut it down, and Windows Explorer, when opened, shows no drive icons, and the green progress bar never finishes loading. I can no longer navigate the installation. Doing an SFC scannow doesn't show any problems. I am at a lost on how tofix this problem. Any ideas/suggentions?
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You did an upgrade rather than a clean install? I'd suggest a re-install... but this time do a clean install.. ;) upgrading can and usually does lead to problems like the one your having.. All you need to do for the clean install is boot from your Windows 7 RC dvd then format the partition that has Win 7 currently installed on it then clean install Windows 7 on that partition and your problems should go away.. :)
I know that MS recommends cleans installs over W7 Beta, but this rule of ubuntu appears to apply to W7. Thanks.