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I can only burn about 73-74 minutes to a 80 min.cdr. Anything over that bumps it to cd no.2. Shouldn't I be able to burn up to 80 min. Occasionally I can burn up to 79 min and over, but after the disc finishes burning it won't play and it's listed as an unknown disc


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74 minutes is the standard and although you may record up to 80 minutes it is non-standard and will not play back on some players. If you want reliable playback you should stick to 74 minutes.


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To add a small note: burning at max. speed isn't necessarily recommended. Like system discs, Windows OS and such, shouldn't be burned at higher speed than 3x - a problem today, since most new burners only accept 6x or higher... how does one solve that?


Not to claim this has to do with you, effing chris.


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Pauli - That used to be common before CD/DVD burners implemented the data underrun buffer. I haven't had problems burning CD/DVDs at full speed in over 10 years. Before the data underrun buffer became common in burners, if you wanted a successful burn you didn't exceed 1X.


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@strollin: I haven't had problems either. Thanks for your comment - good to know people follow what is written. Presumably I should delete this old info from the Hyper SSD in between my ears. :eek: ... surgery???

Getting old, the ears I mean. Well used, everything wears down.

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