Windows Mobile PDA sync with Outlook on two PCs

For several years, I've synced Outlook between my home desktop and my laptop using my Win Mobile 6.1 based PDA. The desktop formerly ran XP and the laptop formerly ran Vista. Now the desktop runs Win 7 64bit (3ghz intel chip; 4gb ram) and the laptop runs Win 7 32bit (2.16ghz intel chip; 4gb ram). Both installations are stable. My problem is I can no longer sync Outlook between the two machines. The PDA will only sinc with one machine. The sync works fine between the PDA and the first machine I set up. When I establish a sync relationship with the second machine, then the PDA will no longer sync with the first machine. I've deleted the relationships in both the PDA and the machines, and then started from scratch on several occasions, to no avail. It doesn't matter which machine i set up first - I've tried it both ways. Once I set up the second machine, the PDA will no longer sync with the first machine. I expected Win 7 problems with non-MS programs, but am surprised to run into this on a program as critical as Windows Mobile. This is an important issue to me, as the same appointment and contact data needs to be in Outlook on both machines, and the change constantly. I am getting tired of copying the PST file every time I make a change. Any help would be appreciated.

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