Windows native backup and restore


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PS I told Macrium to verify before restoring and it says, "The following drives will be overwritten- C: D:." Those are the drives I backed up.
*Does this just apply to Macrium so I will still be able to use Acronis to recover Acronis images??
The reason I ask is because it says it is dismounting the drives.


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end of thread

Because I started this thread, I thought I should thank those who helped.
The iso was a partial success in the respect that it created a backup. However, recovery was a problem as it said it is mounting drives C: and D but just kept spinning. I had to abort. I checked event viewer and the registry had issues. I ran chkdk and sfc and concluded I should recover with Acronis. So all is well and I thank you for your help. I too wish it worked out as I like Macrium and any problem was mine not the program.
In fairness I must say that Acronis has too much stuff in it and I read where people have issues with it. Macrium is more user frindly. I have never had a failure with Acronis but have had failures with Win 7 and Macrium free. I hate to admit it but I must go with what works for me.


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Re: end of thread

Thanks for all the feedback - I'm sure you will find Acronis a reliable insurance package, I've relied on it for years.

I'd like some input before I download and uninstall etc.

I only use the Windows Backup and have had very few problems.

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