Windows 7 Windows Search Not Working in Specific Folder


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Jun 7, 2009
My problem is a bit weird and to be honest I'm finding it hard to determine what, if any, program could have caused this problem.

Basically up until two days ago I was able to, in the top right search bar, begin to search for specific musical artist folders in one my music directories and it would, as with any other search, give me a list of all the hits with the search query highlighted.

I've now found that when I search in either the Music folder, or any of the subfolders, be they the actual artist or album folders, Windows immediately gives me a "no items match your search" message. It doesn't matter what I type in. Could be one letter, or an entire artist name.

Now the weird thing is when I go one level up to the directory that houses this Music folder and search for anything, the results show the exact folders and allows me to double click on them to go right into them. I could literally be looking at the title of a folder "Minus the Bear," type it in, and get a "no items match your search" message when I'm in the directory that the folder is housed in. And then search from ANYWHERE else on the computer and find it no problem.

Anyone else experience this and know of a potential solution?
I guess it's broken--won't be buying Win7 if it does not get fixed; can you say Chrome OS?
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