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I am running Windows 8 and Outlook 2010. I have created a profile for my company's Exchange Server. The set-up is correct because my username is recognized. However when I try to access Outlook, I get asked for my credentials by "Windows Security." It has the dots in the dialogue box indicating that there is a saved password. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that old password is and where it is coming from. When I try to overwrite it with the new and correct password and check the remember my password box, it just ignores it and redisplays the security message with the old password pre-filled. I am dead in the water with my corporate email which I don't need to add is not good.

I have deleted anything that might be an Outlook credential using the Control Panel. I have deleted my profile and started from scratch. I have also deleted my personal MSN account email and tried that but with the same results. I have read everything that I can find that might offer a viable suggestion. There are some that suggest that the password is stored in the registry, but I know from experience not to mess with the registry without some professional advice, especially with a new operating system. Ideas?


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You could try this...

Outlook Express Password Recovery - Password Recovery Engine for Outlook Express

Outlook Express Password Recovery - Recover Outlook Express Identity & Email Passwords

The trial version only recovers the first two digits but that might help you.
Or if it looks like it's actually working it might be worth paying for.

I know nothing about either of these personally, this is just something I found looking for a solution. I ran a check on the first one and found this. Review - user experience, customer feedback

If you decide to try the registry fix, back up your registry first.
I like to use CCleaner to do this.

Every time I run a registry scan I make a back up and, it has it's own utility to restore it.

If you don't want CCleaner to make changes just go through the process to the point where you tell it to go ahead and bail out. You will still have the backup.

Reminds me of the story of the old lady who when asked why she used "incorrect" as her password said, "When I type in the wrong thing, it always tells me, Your password is Incorrect".

I may not understand what password you are looking for but my e-mail account passwords are controlled by my ISP.

If I have problems logging in (which I have) I have gone to my ISP to recover my account password.

Or Mail Account provider.

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