Windows sort order messed up??


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in File Explorer in a separate folder:
create 22 folders and 23 txt files
name each txt file with a single valid non-alphanumeric ascii character !#$%&(),.'-;@[]^_`{}~+=
name each folder with a single valid non-alphanumeric ascii character '-!#$%&(),;@[]^_`{}~+=
. is not valid for folders
I listed the character in their sort order. You can see that the sort order is not the same for folders & files.
' and - appear at the top for folders.
If you add almost (I didn't try them all) any other character to either of those 2 folders it moves to the bottom of the list. If you precede that added character with a space it stays in sequence.

Does anyone but MS think this is strange or is it just me????????????

They are not sorting by value or position on the kbd, so what map did MS use?
And what is with adding a character that throws it way off??


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Microsoft uses what they call "intelligent numeric name sorting" it can be disabled in registry or through group policy if you are on a pro or enterprise edition.