Windows 8 Windows Updates, or Not?


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I've noticed this several times, I get the message when I boot up that says "Windows Updates, sign in and install updates".

If I open Metro type updates I get several choices, one is for Windows Updates, when I click that, I get a screen and a message that says no new updates.

If I close it and open control panel, then open Windows Updates I get a message saying security update available, I click install and it downloads and installs the update.

Why don't I see this update when I check through Metro?

Kind of weird, it makes me wonder what else it doesn't see when I run things through the Metro Start screen.

I get the same thing now that I've changed the way the downloads are handled. Check your settings, I have mine set to check with me first before anything is done.

I have mine set to automatically download them, but not install them until I give the OK.

Anyone know if there's a way to let it install the Windows Defender updates, but block it from installing everything else until I check what it's doing?

Right now I have to tell it every time that it's OK to install the security update for Defender.

There’s a workaround that allows you to install updates via the Task Scheduler. Here’s the link to a brief tutorial that gives the details. Link or for slightly more detailed instructions, click here .
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