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Windows 8 Windows Updates


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Sep 20, 2011
I am receiving updates through Windows Updates. I received Windows Defender updates each day, and over 11 system updates. It is dood to see this. I have read that MS will be pushing numerous updates as they become available to fix bugs, make available new apps and add features. This might just get exciting.
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Since the consumer preview has come out there are not that many updates, but Schannel errors seem to be occurring whenever Windows Update checks for updates. Anyone know why? Check your event viewer, anyone not receiving Schannel errors, please advise.
They are coming from the sites visited. Possibly, but an unlikely cause, you have your updates programmed to check for updates for all MS party software you have installed, also.?
One quick remedy, which might work, is to use a non Microsoft browser. But have yo customised you advanced options in your browser? If so, try this:

Click Tools. - Internet Options - Advanced tab.

Scroll down to Security, and uncheck all the Use TLS options.
I have not seen the updates offered, but when I manually check there have been Defender Signature updates available which I have installed. Perhaps I haven't waited long enough for the updated to be offered. I have not seen the problems described here.
So, no one else is showing Schannel errors?

I have messed with the TLS settings, by allowing all, each one separately, and none. I was able to make an error occur when I visited a financial site, but have not gotten them to go away. I think it is the https: //winbeta type site, but not sure. There are some threads on the web, but nothing that will fix a TLS error 70.

I even changed the setting on the Schannel in the Registry. I think this may be something we live with, for now. As far as I know it is not causing any problems. But some folks that get it cannot download apps. One person even realized his system time was off and resetting it fixed his situation.

And Ted, there are Defender updates almost every day. But I was having problems with things like updates for apps, such as the Weather. I think I solved that by allowing the computer to be trusted in the Windows Live account.
Hello Clark.
Yes I am receiving SChannel errors and yes they seem to be generated when I force a Windows Update through the control panel. However as you have already indicated, I have not seen any negative impact in so far as actually being able to perform updates, they seem to complete without issue.
When you initially posted I check the web for information and like you found issues and suggestions regarding date, time and time zones as well as the IE TLS (uncheck) suggestion which were either not applicable (date, time, time zone) in my case or did not remedy the issue (TLS uncheck).
So I suspect it will be a wait and see, until something more definitive comes along.


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I just forced an update (signatures for Win Defender) without a hitch. No errors.
No problem, here, either. Just check for & grabbed same Definition Update.

Did y'all know (?), if, you snap an App to the right, whilst on Desktop, then, widen the App to the right a little, still have Desktop... if, you take it further (& clk), all the active Taskbar windows plant themselves on a left-hand panel & can be manipulated there, while the App now uses the greater amount of real estate on the screen.
I just forced an update (signatures for Win Defender) without a hitch. No errors.

No problem, here, either. Just check for & grabbed same Definition Update.

And neither of you, upon check the Event Viewer->Windows Logs->System see any Schannel errors coinciding with the same time the the updates occurred?
I will try to remember to check the next time I do an update.
Perhaps you guys should compare sites you visit? I have altered all the relevant settings, one by one, to try and emulate the fault, and failed??
Dave, do you have the ability to tell Windows Update what sites it needs to go to?

I do not get these errors in Windows 7, but only when Windows Updates checks a secure site at Microsoft called Winbeta.microsoft, or something like that.

I do not know what it is, but again it is not causing problems as far as I can tell. Just an irritation.

Just for the heck of it, what do you show in the Credential Manager as far as credentials. I am showing a Windows Live and a no name generic one. If you show more than that, it might be relevant. And Note, I cannot access any of the Web credential, just the Windows Credentials.
On Windows Update shouldn't the Defender updates show up automatically right after they are released? I've only got one notification all of the other ones I checked manually because I hadn't got a popup in what I thought was a reasonable time. I use Avast on W7 and don't have any experience with Windows AV.
I looks to me like they have changed the options for notifications. The only place I have seen on was on the Metro screen, bottom right, I believe.

But when they are allowed to load automatically, it happens pretty much every day.
Ok, if, you talking about the Notifications I think you are, here's your answer...

From Desktop >Win+W; in (Settings) Search type notifications (you'll get about 3 letters), Clk on Notifications Area Icons

There you can check(box) whether to have them on the Sys Tray or not.

I've been watching this morning and there didn't seem to be any until after I updated Defender then started out on the web going to assorted sites.
What I've observed is after updating Defender the The Schannel faults show up over about 8 min there is a group of 2, 3, 2, and 2 Could it be Windows Update and Defender doing some type of background scan of system files? I haven't seen any more in about 50 min. I'll try and remember to look when I get back on this afternoon.
Thanks Joe, I have been pushing my install and have almost 300 in just a few days.

I did a clean install on my other machine and had 14 the first hour.

Maybe one day we will get and update and they will go away... :)

Now I have to figure out why all my apps are refusing to stay open..
Likewise Clark. 188 in two days.
By apps, you mean metro apps, or normal desktop apps like word, or all apps.
Are they just closing when not in use? Alt + Tab shows them gone?
I have another interesting issue with my reasonably new HP Office Jet 4500 G510n-z wireless network printer. That just disappears from Control Panel->Devices and Printers (usually after and overnight shutdown and turning off of both Computer and Printer) but what makes it interesting is that I can still print to it with no problem from within Word, Excel, NotePad, Paint, etc., etc., It's available in every application but not present in Devices and Printers. Something weird going on.