WMP 12 - Stop working problem


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4. I have install the codec checker... but i don't see how i can use this to fix default codecs.. it just let me open videos/audio files and see the information - how can i use it to check codecs?
My mistake - I meant Filmerit


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Unfortunately, the problem seems to be the order in which you installed and uninstalled things.
Yes, I'm sure you can go through codec fixers, 3rd party utilities etc... but I would STRONGLY suggest from experience that you do the following:

1. First, if possible, just restore the computer to a restore point - only if you have one from a date before you installed your programs. If you can't restore, continue to the next steps.

2. You should uninstall your AVID products, itunes, quicktime and any 3rd party codecs.
3. Use Revo uninstaller to make sure junk from these installations are completely removed.
4. Restart the computer.
5. Update Windows. SP2, .Net Framework.... etc...
6. Install the latest version of Quicktime.
7. Install the latest version of Itunes.
8. Restart computer (just for good luck :) )
9. Install your Avid products.
10. Restart computer (Just to be sure all drivers are loaded.)
11. Tell us if the problem is resolved. (Most important step :) )

It might seem like a pain to do all this but believe me that it will be faster than trying to fix a faulty system.

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Thanks...but doen's work! :(
The problem surely is not in the Avid productes. Even after i have unisntall it and itunes, quick time, ect... with revo uninstall WMP couldn't run video files. I still get the stooped working message. I think i have some codec (s) broken. How can i corret that?


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Can you send me the smallest video file that doesn't play so I can check it?

You can send it for free with no registration here: https://www.wetransfer.com/

Send it to my email: ztwersky@gmail.com


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Have you tried just turning it off, rebooting and turning it back on?

Go to Control Panel, Uninstall a Program, Turn Windows Features On or Off.

Find Media Features, Windows Media Player.

Uncheck the the box, and answer yes in the pop up.

When it's done I think it will reboot on it's own, if not reboot.

Repeat the process and recheck the box.

This essentially uninstalls and re-installs the program.
I think it will return the settings to default.

I have seen posts from several people who said this fixed problems with it not playing some files on their computers.


I have already tried to do that...don't work, Mike. :(
I have send you the sample video from windows zvit. It doens't work. But any other type of video works in the WMP.

I have some new input about my problem:
I've notice that if i open the folder C:\Programfiles\windown media player and execute the WMP.exe file and choose to open some video it works fine!
The problem is that when i choose to open a file with windows media player it will automatically open with the WMP exe file from C:\Program files (86x)\Windows Media Player.
Something similar is hapenning with internet explorer. I get the same message as with the windows Media Player if i open using the icon from Program files (86x). But it works fine with the icon from the program files!
Why is this happenning if i have a 64 bit operating system??????
Please help!
My problem is not solved because i need itunes and quick time to work, and my system don't accept the 32 bit instalation for this programs because it automatically detects that i'm running a 64 bit system, but when i install the lateste 64 bit version it is instaled in the ProgramFiles (86x) folder and i can't run the programs properly!
What a mess this 64 bit operating system!!!


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Try creating a new association and tell it to use the .exe that you can make work and see if that does it.

Right click on a video file and select properties, then select Opens With and use the browse button to navigate to the .exe that works.

You should be able to manually download and install the 32 bit versions of the programs you want to install.

Download iTunes 10.4.1 (32-bit) - FileHippo.com



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I just discovered that I didn't have QuickTime installed on my computer after a recent re-install.

I downloaded it from the above link, and it installed in the Program Files (x86) directory.

I runs fine and I opened and played an AVI file that I just made today with no problem at all.

But I can't get it to install the 32 bit version of ITunes either, I'm going to look for an older version.


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Hi again.

This version installed and works for me.

It will tell you that you should download the 64 bit version but it will let you go ahead.
I have a hunch that if you get this installed and working you will be able to update to the 64 bit version and have it work too.

Old Version of iTunes 8.2.0 Download - OldApps.com

I went beck two years but you my not have to go back that far,
Click here to see the whole list...



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thanks for the sugestion mike, but i dont get why i cant use 64 bit programs in my 64 bit system. something is wronge here, and doing that wont resolve my problem. I want to be able to take advantage of the powerfull machine i supossly bougth...
I should have bougth a mac!

But thanks a lot for your help. You are a fantastic helper...


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Glad you got the WMP thing fixed.

I did it too, we'll see how it works out.

I uninstalled to old version of ITunes that I had installed using Revo Uninstaller and installed the latest 64 bit version.
Interestingly it still installed it in the x86 folder.

But while the .exe file is in the x86 folder I notice that it did install a lot of file in the Program Files folder too.

But it seems to be working normally.

Other then a few programs like CCleaner I don't have anything installed in my Program Files folder that ins't Microsoft.
Everything else ends up in the Program Files (x86) folder.


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And quicktime is running well in your system?
I van't make quicktime run... :(


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Yes I'm running version 7.7 and it's working fine.

This is the link to the version I'm using.

QuickTime 7.7 for WindowsMike

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