Windows 7 World of warcraft - win7 64bit. vs vista 32bit


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4gb of ram, seems more fluid but the jump from vista 32 > win7x64 was better imo.

what exactly do those changes you suggest do?

i couldnt find affinitymask in my but i found the cores=2 (e8400)


For some reason I didn't get notification about your reply until yesterday...

Anyway the Affinty mask tells WoW how many layers or masks it will spread across your CPU's. Some people notice that WoW will use all available cores, but one more than others, and cause FPS issues.

Again I don't know all the technical mumbo jumbo behind it, but it works. If you add it though, be careful as sometime it will remove it. I have seen issues where WoW doesn't truly detect the mulitple cores on the E6600ish family, but usually a clean install of the game will correct that.

The autotuning is something Microsoft implemented in Vista to help "speed" up network processes but it just causes more pain than its worth.

I have been running good now though for a while. Got the guild's first peice of Ulduar loot last night WOOT.

Just for reference I am currently using:

Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus
Q6600 non-OC (board has issues with it)
OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 8GB
2x GSKILL 64 GB SSD in Raid

I still get 30ish FPS in Dal, but the SSD upgrade recently is insane, from Character Screen to fully loaded in Dal in 8 seconds.

World of Warcraft Trouble

I have a dual boot of Win7 64bit on WinVista 32bit and i have World of Warcraft installed on a seperate partion by itself, i can manage to play on Win7 pretty well, 40-50 fps, but on WinVista the graphics are missing all of their textures and color. I was wondering what could be the problem and how i can fix it. Dell inspirion 1525 Laptop, 1650x1080 dual monitor, 3gb ram and intel moblile 965 chipset graphics.

Windows 7 New computer

I am thinking about getting a HP Laptop and have WOW on my XP system. Here are the specs on the new computer
HP G71-340US
Intel Duo T6600 2.2 GHz
4GB Ram
320 HD
17.3" display
Intel GMA 4500MHD 1.71GB Memory capacity
Windows 7 64bit

Any thoughts on this system?
I will primarily use it for playing WOW and some other games so far in this forum many games seem to be working well so I would just like to know if this would be a good way to go or not.

Found information on another site please delete this post.

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I bought a brand new computer with a intel i7 3.4gh processor and 4gb of ram running windows 64bit i have a ATI Radeon HD 6450 with 2700mb of video memory (it says that in dxdiag). I cannot get 60 FPS in even a good graphics setting in WoW. I am not super computer savy, can someone please tell me if there is something that i can do to allow WoW to use up more power? Its very annoying because people with lower system specs are still running faster than me ><

Try disabling "Vertical Sync" within the graphics setting in wow, it will make your FPS a little spikey but you should see some nice gains.

Other than that, the main 'FPS killers' will be things like Shadow and Particle density.....neither are needed for raiding and such so just turn them off...

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You can put the Wow folder anyplace you wan't.
Mine is now on my D:\ drive, and I have a friend who is running it from his external USB drive.

The nice thing about Wow is that it doesn't need to be installed once you have an installation some place.

You can copy it anyplace and it will run.

I have my install backed up on DVDs and when I got a new computer I just copied it onto my D:\ drive and I was set to go.

I can run Wow in windows 7 at up to 250 fps, but I limit it to 60 frames and that what it shows everyplace I go.
With a new i7 computer I can't imagine why you wouldn't see really high frame rates.
I can get over 100 fps even in Age of Conan which has the best graphics of any MMO.
And I run them all with everything maxed out.

I haven't played Wow much in a long time not on the pay servers for many years, I've played on the same private server for years.

I also have an account with Lord of the Rings Online and Age of Conan on the real servers.

I've beta tested a lot of MMOs starting with Asheron's Call many years ago and I've done almost every major one since then.

I just got into the beta for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and just finished downloading and installing it.

It's always fun to see these things for the first time.

I just started playing Skyrim, and I like it a lot, nice graphics and lots of stuff to discover just wandering around.

This is my first foray into the Games Forum here.
I finally had to see what's going on.


My setup.

Falcon Northwest Talon

i7 at 3 Ghz

Ati 5870 video card

8 Gigs of ram.

Sound-blaster Audigy sound card

1920 by 1200 monitor

Windows 7 64 bit HP

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