1394 Net Adapter not working properly - no Internet connection

Jack Harmell

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I have an old Windows XP computer that has been getting updates regularly, so I am not worried about it being hacked. But after reinstalling XP, it can only access the Internet via a wireless adapter, not via an ethernet connection. And when I plug the ethernet cable into the computer, there is no light next to the plug that comes as is usually the case.

The ethernet adapter is a “1394 Net Adapter”. It shows that it is connected. When I try to “repair” it, I get an error message saying that “TCP/IP is not enabled for this connection”. When I try to install TCP/IP, I get an error message saying “Windows was unable to find any drivers for this device”. I tried to find the drivers on the XP installation disk, but could not find any.

Any ideas what is going on here?


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Always go to the manufacturer source for device drivers. If you built the pc yourself you should visit the site of the ethernet adapter else visit the site of the pc manufacturer quoting model number. In either case then download the approprite driver.