Windows 7 30 minute boot times? WTF?


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May 7, 2009
Ok, here is the skinny,

Build 7100 64
HP 8530w
Quad Core
8GB memory
Quadro Video card

Installed 7100 64 last night.
Configured it for network domain use
downloaded/installed Virtual PC with XP for the 64 bit flavor of win 7
Did not configure XP for network domain right away.

Went to office, connected to network, all was well, 2 hours later.. went to restart, 37 minutes from the time I logged in with my credentials, I got a desktop.
Safe mode boots fast
Safe mode with netowrking boots fast
Regular boot take no less than a timed 30 minutes, with up to 45 minutes (Yes I timed it and yes I waited)

Every time.

I am using virtual XP Mode, yes it does stop me from rebooting 7 sometimes, yes I have force quit xpvm to get a reboot.

Any ideas, why would 7 take so long, but also feel quick once running?

On a happy note...

Win 7 32 installed without bootcamp (straight install) on my first gen core duo macbook, XP mode works great on it, hell 7 feels better than OSX Leopard, been running 7 since build 7000

Win 7 64 installed on 20" aluminum iMac (straight install), xp mode runs great, no issues on either computer, only HP.
I just went with the easiest option, format and re-install.

I was hoping someone might have an idea, but I was wrong.
Did the re-install fix this issue? Have you set things back up as they were prior to the re-installation?.. ;)
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