Windows 7 7 things or more that Eye Love 'bout it-Or a tale of rekindelled Love.


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Jan 18, 2009
Where to start, the beginning,the best place usually.

Luve---The Quick install--25 minutes.

Luve---The Boot screen.

Luve---The Fast boot--50 seconds--including sign-in.

Luve---The Taskbar--and it's lock and pop-up abilities.

Luve---The Start button--all smouldering and touch able.(ooh Matron!)

Luve---The Speed--snappier than a Crock.

Luve---The lovely Icons.

Luve---The Themes.

And in the End--a nice flouncy Shut-down.

Niggles---The public release-more a Train- cra-- Nope compare to a plane- crash landing on a River(guess)ok no one killed
in either,but one was handled Superbly,the other was just a Plain Crash!!!

Niggle---Freeze of printer -- windows update for drivers box.

So up to now virtually a niggle free desert then,for me I hasten to add.

All this Loveliness,on a Beta,on a Celeron processor with 512Mb's,it seems like the real Fing to me.

Does any one,sane or otherwise,Concur.

SIGNING OFF LOVE FEST. SHUTDOWN__AND COUNTI------------------------------------------------------------------
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